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Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra

The world famous Hungária Folk Orchestra and Ensemble's work is based on decades old musical and dance traditions. The ensemble was founded by gypsy musicians. Their gift is born from the traditions of century old gipsy dynasties.

The exceptional professional skills of the Hungaria are due to a special educational method that concentrates on preserving their natural aptitude for improvisation an essential precondition of virtuosity.

The Hungaria Orchestra performs in many different formations. The fifty strong main orchestra and the six to eight splinter chamber groups are equally celebrated guest on the world’s most prestigious stages. They are also adept at accompanying well known soloists and dance ensembles. The incredible range of their repertoire covers many genres from classical to folk music, and from operettas to gipsy music, of course.

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An equally high reputation has also been gained by the Hungaria Folk Ensemble. This group of about 60 fiery performers owes its current status to decades of hard work by their predecessors. They specialise in Hungarian folk dance but are equally able to perform operettas, ballet, and modern dance. The high professional attainment of the dancers is largely due to eight to ten years of intense training which begins at a very early age. They are true professionals dedicated to achieving the very highest standards.
The fame and recognition of Hungaria Folk Ensemble has become associated with that of the Hungaria Orchestra as they often perform folklore and operetta programmes together, their joint spectacular show always attracts large audiences wherever they go.

Every concert starts at 20.00 and consists of twice 40-45 minutes with an intermission.

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Ticket prices

VIP cat.

32 EUR

I. cat.

Adult: 22.50 EUR
Student: 20 EUR

II. cat.

Adult: 19.50 EUR
Student: 18 EUR

III. cat.

Adult: 13 EUR
Student: 12 EUR





This short video compilation represents how the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and the Hungária Folk Ensemble & Orchestra perform on stage:

You can usually catch a performance of the Hungária Orchestra and Folk Ensemble at the Duna Palota (Danube Palace).

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“Do not miss the Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra when in Budapest!!!"

Reviewed July 16, 2012

My wife and I attended a Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra during our trip to Budapest in late June 2012. Hungaria Folk Ensembe & Orchestra is one of the top three professional Hungarian Folk Ensembles with the longest tradition (Formed in 1952). Performances are held in an air-conditioned theater. The performance was very energetic and the music was outstanding. We got the tickets ourselves rather than going the tour route and saved ourselves some money and at the same time got outstanding tickets to the show. We would highly recommend this performance to anyone visiting Budapest.

Visited June 2012



When you are on the street, leaflets are handed over of all sorts. One of them was for a folklore evening. Maybe I looked not like their target audience, because I had to take one from the gate near the bridge. I had the hotel made the reservation, so I was ensured of a ticket. The timing for the dinner at the Indian restaurant was great, just a few minutes to freshen up and then of to the show, coincidentally just around the corner. The theater at the Zrinyi street is small, but all off-white and golden. Paintings are near the cealing and reliefs are giving it the athmosphere of a theatre of the early 1900's. In the middle of the ceiling is a chandeliere hanging from a tiffany half-sfere (I am so depressed that I left my camera at the room, ther IS enough light to make pictures)
The Hungaria folklore group is formed of a band of musicians and a group of dancers. The band plays music, and the dancers dance, but the band plays more pieces than the dancers will dance. The program will take more than one and a half hours.  When the band starts playing (eight violins, a cello, a string bass, a hammered dulcimer and one clarinet, who sits a bit in the back) I feel a bit sorry for the clarinet. But after a couplet in the Hungarian dance (Brahms), he has a solo and everybody knows he is virtuoso! (Yeah). The dancing is a performance you might see on television. Superfast, great timing, handsome men, lovely girls, absolutely nothing compared to an evening-dance in the local community hall (though that can be nice too:) There are three folklore groups doing a show. Next time I am in Budapest I will try to visit the others, but to visit this group again would be no problem for me. Sometimes they are on tour. If I notice, I will visit them in our theatre.

Aug 06, 2010



If you're in Budapest you should really try to experience some culture. Every night there's a folklore show in town. For about $25 you get to see either Rajko Folk Ensemble or some of the other dancing groups perform a piece of Hungarian culture. I saw the show at the Duna Palota Theatre, on the way to St. Stephans Basilica.
I was hoping to see more dancing, but the show is a bit about folk music too. My opinion is that it was perhaps a bit too much violin involved. I only knew one of the pieces they played, and the rest of it sort of sounded all the same to me.
All in all it was a nice experience. A lot of funny footwork to see on the men dancing. At the end of the show you have the choice to either go home, or spend another couple of hours on a sightseeing boat on the Danube to see Budapest by night.

Sep 19, 2007



For the nights finale we headed to the Danube Palace for the Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra performance. The musicians were fantastic with what can only be described as manic fingers. I have never heard or seen any violinists play so quickly in my life. They were truly talented, relaxed looking, unbelievable long complicated songs with no sheet music in front of them. Anita and I were tired just watching!! The Hungarian dancers were very good too but much too much screaming and there voices for the singing were grating not smooth and pleasant. It took me right back to my Hungarian dancing days and I recall our singing equally grating and unpleasant. So maybe its supposed to sound that way?

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in the Duna Palota
Jan: 2. 3.
Febr: 28.
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Nov: 7. 14. 21. 28.
Dec: 5. 26. 28. 29.

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Folklore ticket prices

  Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3
Adult 6600 HUF 5800 HUF 3800 HUF
Student 6000 HUF 5300 HUF 3500 HUF

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