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Symphony Concert

Symphony Concert

Mozart, Liszt or Gershwin performed by a symphony orchestra accompanied by the traditional Hungarian cimbalom (hammer dulcimer)

Outside Hungary it sounds unusual to include a typical Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom to perform with a symphony orchestra, but in Hungary the beauty of this instrumental combination has been known since the 19th century. Join us for an unforgettable musical travel á la hongroise through the most beautiful classical melodies ever.

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01 - symphonic concert
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The Danube Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1961. And since then they have given many performances both in Hungary and abroad. Their repertoire covers almost every musical style from the Baroque music to music of the 20th century. The Orchestra consists of 60 professional musicians. They perform the most famous classical melodies combined with typical Hungarian instrument, the Cimbalom (Hammer Dulcimer). It is a unique opportunity to hear the most popular masterpieces of classical music interpreted by cimbalom and symphonic orchestra in a virtuous way which can be enjoyed only in Hungary.

A concert of the Danube Symphony Orchestra is an experience no music lover should miss when visiting Budapest. A symphonic orchestra accompanied by a traditional folk instrument is quite unusual outside of Hungary, but get a ticket for one of their concerts and you will hear Mozart, Liszt or Gershwin with a twist. The Danube Symphony Orchestra is accompanied by the cimbalom, or hammered dulcimer. Adding a folk instrument to classical favorites has a long tradition in Hungary, dating back to the 19th century.

The cimbalom, which adds a special sound to the concerts of the Danube Symphony Orchestra is a world renowned Hungarian folk instrument played primarily with beaters. It is equipped with a heavy frame for more dynamic power and has many added string courses for an extended range of sound and also a damper pedal to allow more dynamic control.

Their permanent conductor is the dynamic personality, András Deák, but they often welcome guest conductors from Hungary and as well as abroad. They have collaborated with many prestigious guest artist such as singer, Giuseppe di Stefano, flutist, James Galway and even Ray Charles. They have given performances all over Europe, in countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

Join us for an unforgettable musical journey with a uniquely Hungarian flavor!

Every concert starts at 20.00, and consists of two parts, 40-45 minutes each, plus an intermission.



Berlioz: Rákóczi March
Erkel: Palotás from the opera
“László Hunyadi”
Delibes: Coppelia – Tschardas
Bartók: Romanian folk dances
Haydn: Farewell Symphony IV. movement
Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

Kálmán: Devil-rider – Palotás
Lehár: Gold and Silver Waltz
Liszt: Love dreams
Folk-song adaptation: Under the mountains of Csitár
Kodály: Intermezzo
Monti: Csárdás
Strauss: Long live the Hungarians!
Strauss: Radetzky March

Cimbalom player:
Gergely Oláh
The Danube Symphony Orchestra is
conducted by

Ticket prices

VIP cat.

32 EUR

I. cat.

Adult: 29 EUR
Student: 26 EUR

II. cat.

Adult: 26 EUR
Student: 23 EUR

III. cat.

Adult: 23 EUR
Student: 20 EUR





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Symphony Package (Symphony concert + Dinner & Cruise at 22:00)

It is possible to book this program with the Dinner & Cruise at 22:00. In this case, you will get a full evening program, an unforgettable theatre performance, and a romantic and delicious candlelight dinner on one of our heated or air-conditioned ships. On this occasion, a host or hostess will show you to the pier.
The cruise starts at 22:00, but always waits for the guests from the theatre.

The discounted package price with Dinner & Cruise is depending on the category of the seats for the performance.



"An evening beyond expectations!"
Reviewed January 6, 2013
Me and my partner booked a deal which included Danube Symphony Orcestra performance in Danube Palace and dinner and cruise after the concert. We went on a New Years day.
The venue was much smaller than I expected, it looked more grand and luxurous on the pictures than it is.
The performance was unexpectedly fun, as the conductor did his best to amuse and entertain the public, as well as to actually conduct the orcestra.

Visited January 2013


“a most enjoyable evening”
Reviewed May 30, 2012
The Saturday evening concert by the Danube Symphony Orchestra exceeded my expectations. The venue was appealing - small, but not crowded. The musicians and conductor were great performers. They played 14 pieces, all lively, stirring music.

Visited May 2012


eindrückliches Konzert mit vielen Varianten, einfühlsam, fein, schwungvoll und kräftig, ein Ohrenschmaus

September 28th, 2011



Coordinates: 47° 30.0199' N, 019° 2.943' E



May: 2. 9. 16. 23. 30.
June: 6. 13. 20. 27.
July: 4. 11. 18.
Aug: 1. 8. 15. 22. 29.
Sept: 5. 12. 19. 26.
Oct: 3. 10. 24.
Dec: 25. (Chamber) 27. 30.

  Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3
Adult 8100 HUF 7200 HUF 6400 HUF
Student 7200 HUF 6400 HUF 5600 HUF

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