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New Year's Chamber concert with cimbalom

New Year's Chamber Concert

New Year's Chamber Concert

Mozart, Liszt or Gershwin for symphony orchestra and Hungarian cimbalom (hammer dulcimer)?
Outside Hungary it sounds unusual to include a typical Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom to perform with a symphony orchestra, but in Hungary the beauty of this instrumental combination has been known since the 19th century. Join us for an unforgettable musical travel á la hongroise through the most beautiful classical melodies ever.

The Danube Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1961. Since then they have given many performances both in Hungary and abroad. The Chamber Orchestra consists of 20 professional musicians.

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01 symphonic
02 hammer duclimer
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They have had international contacts since 1983 and have been invited to play in many foreign countries. They have often accompanied solo artists at music competitions and participated in colourful operettas, ballets and oratorio performances as well.

Not only do the musicians work together in this orchestra but in several chamber orchestras as well. Besides their permanent conductor András Deák, they are often conducted by other Hungarian and foreign conductors. Many Hungarian and foreign guest artists have performed with the orchestra, including Giuseppe di Stefano from Italy, James Galway, a flautist from Ireland and Ray Charles, the jazz star from the USA. They have given performances in Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

The program of the concert and the orchestra is expanded with a world-known typical Hungarian instrument Cimbalom (concert hammer dulcimer). This instrument is played primarily with beaters. It is equipped with a heavy frame for more dynamic power and added many strings courses for an extended range of sounds and a damper pedal to allow more dynamic control.

Ticket prices:

One category

Adult: 7900 HUF
Student: 7200 HUF

With Dinner & Cruise

Adult: 17.800 HUF
Student: 17.100 HUF





Their permanent concert hall is the theatre of the Danube Palace.

Spend the first evening of the New Year with our chamber concert organised in the beautiful neobaroque theatre of the Danube Palace. You can listen to a special programme which was compiled just for this evening by the Danube Chamber Orchestra, including well-known and popular works of famous composers.

The Chamber Concert starts at 17:30, and it is 70 minutes without intermission.


01. 01.

Kálmán: Czardas
Erkel: Palotás from the Opera Hunyadi László
Lehár: Gold and Silver Waltz
Brahms: Hungarian Dances No. 5
Massenet: Thais – Meditation
Strauss: The Blue Danube - Waltz
Kálmán: Devil - rider – Palotás
Cymbalom solo
Grinspun: Choric Dance
Strauss: Pizzicato Polka
Haydn: Rondo all’Ongarese
Monti: Czardas
Strauss: Radetzky March

The Danube Chamber Orchestra is lead by
Rudnyitzky Tatyjana

After our Danube Chamber Orchestra we would like to invite you to see the Budapest in the romantic atmosphere of a dinner by candlelight surrounded by the friendly lights of the Danube capital. After the end of the performance in the Duna Palota (Danube Palace), our hostesses will accompany you to one of our ships, which will take you on a 1,5 hours long cruise with an excellent warm buffet-dinner. In the romantic candlelight atmosphere you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in light. After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship. The meals are prepared by Chef Molnárka Péter. The salon music is performed by 3 members of the Zoltán Kodály Awarded Hungária Folk Orchestra, including the world-famous violinist Zsigmond Vidak who was awarded the Bronze Merit Cross of the Hungarian Republic.

The ship cruise takes 1,5 hours, starts at 19:00, and waits for the guests from the theatre.


Cold entries
Spiced cottage cheese cream and traditional greaves cream

Alföld style goulash with small dumplings
Vegetable cream soup soup

Warm main courses
Mini stuffed cabbage
Traditional chicken leg „Paprikasch”
Roasted chicken breast with basil-cheese sauce
Spicy pork rib with thyme – mustard sauce
Roasted sea fish with Chardonnay sauce

Garnishes and vegetarian
Grilled polenta with feta cheese
Grilled vegetables
Homemade dumplings with spinach and mustard-mushroom sauce
Steamed jasmin rice with corn
Hash-brown potatoes
Steak potatoes

Fresh seasonal salads with dressings
Italian pasta salad
Caesar’s salad
Sweet corn salad with mayonnaise

Season fruit basket

Home-made strudel
Somló style sponge cake
Mini tarts
Dessert variations Európa style

1 Welcome drink, 1 glass of wine (or juice) and 1 bottle of mineral water

Beverage package

There is a possibility for extra drink consumption on the ships, not included in the price.
You can order this program with a Beverage package! One price. Zero worry!

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Duna Palota  - Coordinates47° 30.0199' N, 019° 2.943' E



“New Years Day Concert and Cruise”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed January 19, 2014 NEW
What better way to bring in the New Year! Myself and a friend attended the New Years Day chamber concert followed by dinner and a cruise down the Danube. It was very well organised, staff were friendly and polite and the food was really top quality. We had a fab time and took away a souvenir photograph to remember the occasion.

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Ticket prices:

One category

Adult: 7900 HUF
Student: 7200 HUF

With Dinner & Cruise

Adult: 17.800 HUF
Student: 17.100 HUF

on 1st January

concert starts at 17:30,
cruise starts at 19:00

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